GoVideo: Send Video Feedback for Increased Engagement

Viewedit- Send video feedback for increased engagement

Note: This product has been renamed to VidYard GoVideo.

According to Joey Coleman, creating and sending video messages are a great way to increase engagement and relations. Videos are also a great way to provide student feedback. It is quite easy to send video feedback with this new tool I found called ViewedIt.


ViewedIt is an extension that you add to your Google Chrome browser. When you active the tool, you have an option to record a browser tab, record the entire screen, or just record the webcam. The webcam can be overlayed on the browser tab or entire screen.

Once the video has been recorded, you can then send it out using Gmail, share the video link in other media, or share it on social media (Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn).

You can also see if your video has been received and how many times it has been viewed.

Steve Dotto does a great job explaining ViewedIt.

Installing the Extension

ViewedIt is extremely easy to use. However, you must first install the extension. To do so, open your Google Chrome browser and go to the ViewedIt extension page.  Click on the Add to Chrome button.

Add the ViewedIt extension to your browser

Add the ViewedIt extension to your browser

I recommend adding the extension to all your Google profiles such as your SUNYJCC.EDU profile.

Send Video Feedback

When you are ready to send video feedback, click on the ViewedIt tool button on your browser extension bar.

ViewedIt extension tool

ViewedIt extension tool

Decide if you want to record a browser tab, the entire screen, or just the camera. Turn on the camera if appropriate. Once done, click the Record button.

Set up for recording with ViewedIt

Set up for recording with ViewedIt

Click the ViewedIt tool button to stop the recording.

Sharing Video Feedback

When you have a video recorded, you are afforded an opportunity to rename the video as well as share it with others. You can send it with Gmail, as a link, or on social media.

Send video feedback

Send video feedback

If you elect to share the video with Gmail, it will embed an image of your video with a link in your message.

Embedding video image into Gmail

Embedding video image into Gmail

ViewedIt will report back if the video has been opened.

Using ViewedIt for Feedback

If you are looking for a way to personalize feedback to your students, a video can just be the tool you are looking for.

“For the students participating in this study, video feedback was viewed as the most beneficial because it provided a more in-depth analysis of their academic performance in assignments, which were largely visual-based” (McCarthy, 2015, p. 166).

You can easily drop a link to a video in your feedback in Blackboard or paste it directly into a Google document.

I have included a number of additional studies that speak to the strength of “veedback.” Naturally, you have to use the feedback mechanism that works best for each student. However, taking a couple of extra minutes to explain your comments on a paper will help student success.

If you want to learn more about ViewedIt, please drop by the TEI Synergy Center to speak with Stan or Cori. If you liked this post, please share it with others. Finally, how would you use “veedback” in your course? Leave a comment below.

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