Two Zoom Whiteboard Options

Two Zoom Whiteboard Options

Have you tried the whiteboard option in Zoom? Frankly, I am just not that good using a mouse to draw on the whiteboard and I don’t have a drawing tablet for my computer. However, I do have some other tools that I can use as alternatives.

Using an IPad as a Whiteboard

If you have an Ipad or a tablet, you can connect to your meeting or class. You could then share the screen and select the Whiteboard option.

When connecting using your mobile device, I recommend that you do not share your video or audio. Instead, use the audio through your computer.

If you use a program like Penultimate, you could save your annotations and redistribute them through Blackboard.

Using a Portable Whiteboard

I picked up a portable whiteboard from Office Max or Amazon and I have used it regularly for instruction. I also picked up a set of colored dry-erase markers.

The benefit of this set up is that you do not have to share your screen.

Well, there you have it. Two quick alternatives to the Zoom whiteboard.

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