Evernote is an application that allows you to capture ideas anywhere with virtually any device.

With Evernote, you can capture ideas, Web clips, Web pages, audio clips, images, etc. and organize them with tags and “notebooks”. You can capture and organize ideas from your phone, iPad, Web browser, e-mail, and computer. All devices can synchronize with each other; however, you can capture ideas offline, and synchronize when there is an Internet connection.

It is a powerful tool for collecting your ideas and thoughts.

Essential Requirements

In order to use Evernote, you will need at a minimum a Web browser. However, you can reach its full potential through the installation of applications to your Web browser, desktop, iPad, and phone.


The only required equipment is a device to access the Internet. This can be a phone, iPad, or computer.


Software for Evernote can be found at Evernote downloads. This link will provide you with links to download applications for your computer, Web browser, and mobile devices.

Learning resources information

Key Weblinks

Guides and Beginner Instructions

Here are a number of great guides to help you better understand Evernote and its capabilities.


Here are a number of great ideas for using Evernote in a education environment.

Getting Things Done

Getting Things Done (GTD) is an organization strategy created by David Allen. Here are two links to learn more about this strategy: Getting Things Done, From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia and What is GTD?

Organizing Ideas

Other Ideas



Sending From Different Devices and Applications

Here are a number of instructions for collecting ideas and inspiration from various devices.

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