#SUNYCIT – The Open SUNY COTE Effective Practices Showcase

#SUNYCIT - The Open SUNY COTE Effective Practices Showcase

At SUNY CIT, the SUNY Center for Online Teaching Excellence (COTE) showcased effective practices. These effective practices received an award.  The presentation highlighted these award winners and introduced the Teaching Online Pedagogical Repository (TOPR). 

Erin Maney facilitated the presentation. She began by discussing the awards and the award process. We learned about the following effective practices:

To stay abreast of the upcoming awards cycle, you can follow the SUNY COTE Effective Practices Facebook page.

SUNY COTE Community

Maney also provided some details about the SUNY COTE community.

membership in the SUNY COTE community

Membership in the SUNY COTE community

Teaching Online Certification Program

Eric Howd from Binghamton University talked about the Teaching Online Certification Program. It was developed as an effort to improve their online courses. Faculty are required to complete an online course before working with instructional designers. This has helped increase awareness of what goes into an online course prior to development. Additionally, accessibility is emphasized immediately. There is an emphasis on the benefits of an accessible course.

Here are some TOCP resources:


There was also a report out on the AccessMOOC. This was a course that Connie Pilato and I had completed.  There were a number of takeaways regarding this course:

  • If you create a course correctly, you do not have to retrofit the course.
  • Need to identify the licensing upfront.
  • Identify the project name and or campus name.
  • Content needs to be platform compatible.

This course is CC-BY-SA.

There were some interesting discussions about accessibility. Everyone agreed that there needs to be an accessibility policy in place at each campus with someone assigned to enforce the policy.  There also needs to be a continuous emphasis on accessibility.

Quality by Design (QbD)

Robin Sullivan presented on Quality by Design. The QbD course was created under a Creative Commons license and was supported by digital badges. There is a Blackboard LMS course cartridge you can use for your own institution. Here are two resources where you can learn more about QbD:

Lots of great ideas shared. For more, you can visit my notes.


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