#SUNYCIT – Adding Captions to Videos: One Campus’ Homegrown Approach

#SUNYCIT - Adding Captions to Videos_ One Campus' Homegrown Approach

The use of video is on the rise and the need to provide transcripts and closed captions is also on the rise. Everyone I know is trying to find an easy and efficient method for creating closed captions. Martha Gold from Corning Community College shares her solution.

Gold began her presentation by discussing lawsuits at Harvard and MIT for failing to meet accessibility standards. It is imperative that videos have either a transcript or are closed-captioned.

At Corning Community College, they are now using Amara.org to create the closed captions for videos. The finished closed captions are then married to the original YouTube video.

Gold has faculty submit videos or links to videos to her office. She then places them in a queue for library clerks and student workers to create the transcripts in Amara. This queue is managed in Blackboard. Once the closed caption files are created, she mails the resulting SRT file to the video owner to import into YouTube.

Here is a list of costs:

List of costs for video captioning


We have developed a similar process that I will be sharing in a future post.

Closed captions and transcripts are not hard to do if you find the right process. However, they are extremely important to do. Properly created videos improve learning for everyone.  With a closed-captioned video, I could still learn even if the volume was turned off.

If you are part of JCC and want to know how to easily caption a video, please contact me.

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