Quest #4: A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words – Take 2

Quest #4- A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

They say “a picture is worth a thousand words,” but did you also know that it can increase engagement in your classroom. By adding a picture to your Blackboard and having your learners do the same, you can increase engagement in threaded discussions, blog assignments, and other like assignments. In this quest, you are to simply update your profile picture in Blackboard.

It seems there was more to the instructions than I initially provided. The quest was harder and more confusing than intended. So, I have added a new set of instructions.

This quest is open from 1-14 August.

If you are already involved in online social platforms, the odds are you are already creating profile pictures for those platforms. Those images may vary from platform to platform. For example, on your LinkedIn platform, you may have a more professional image compared to your Facebook profile. Regardless, these images help you stand out and be recognized. It helps others recognize and remember you in conversations. You should be doing the same on your Blackboard account.

Here are instructions for setting up your Blackboard profile:

First Time Creating a Profile

If you have never set up a Blackboard profile, you will have to complete these steps. Because I set up a profile a year and a half ago, I forgot these steps existed for our Blackboard site.

1. Click on your name in the upper right corner of Blackboard.

Accessing the profile dropdown menu

2. Next, click on the “head” button at the top of the dropdown menu.

Select the Profile button

3. If you have never created your Blackboard profile, you should see a “terms of service” statement. Agree to the terms of service.  If you are directed to your profile page, go to the Add Picture to Your Profile section below.

Terms of service

4. Select the I don’t have a Blackboard profile button.

I don't have a profile button

5. Change the drop-down option from I am attending to I am employed by. Complete the rest of the form and click the Done button. Use the email that you currently have in Blackboard. It should automatically change when we make the change later this month.

Change dropdown option

6. Select My Institution as your privacy setting. Once selected, click on the Done button. Your profile should be created.

My Institution

7. Finally, click on the View Your Profile button and proceed to the next section.

View your Profile

Adding a Picture to Your Profile

1. When you first get to your profile page, click on the Settings & Privacy button.

Select Settings & Privacy

2. Click on the Change Picture button to change your picture.

Change profile picture

You should now see the change reflected in Blackboard.

Here is a nice set of instructions for adding a profile to Blackboard.

When you are done, please complete this form.

In a classroom environment, some may not want to upload a picture of themselves. Another representation could be used instead. Regardless, having an image helps to distinguish one poster from another. Here are some alternative ways to create an avatar image for your profile:

Additional Reading

Naturally, if you have any questions, please contact me. The title image above is my avatar called Tubarks. It is my character in World of Warcraft.

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