Quest #3: Become a Movie Star!

Quest #3- Become a Movie Star!

Time to become a movie star! Well, maybe not on the big screen, but in the big screen of your students’ eyes. To receive the Movie Star badge, you must create a short video welcoming your students to your class. This quest will be open from 27 July-2 August.

Setting the stage at the beginning of a course with a hearty welcome and robust getting started package helps learner success. Learners who feel included and understand what is expected of them are more likely to stick with a course.

A video is a great way to welcome students to your course. Videos are also great tools to explain concepts. So, to complete this quest, you need to:

  • Create a “welcome to the course” video using a webcam, smartphone, video camera, or tablet/iPad.
  • Once you have created the video, upload it to Youtube as either public or unlisted video.
  • Send me a link to the video using this form.

Here are some links to help you with this quest:

If you have questions about this quest, please contact me.

Additional Reading

Here are some additional articles focusing on the importance of a welcome section as well as the importance of videos to your online courses.

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