Quest #2: Time to Get Googley

Quest #2- Time to get Googley

If you have not yet explored JCC’s Google applications, this two-part quest is a great opportunity. To receive the Googley badge, you must send me an email from your JCC Google-powered account as well as find and update a Google Doc I created. This quest will be open from 18-24 July.

Part 1 – Send an Email from account

To send me an email from your account, first, access your email by going to Select the email option, and log in with your JCC username and password.

Send an email to or

Part 2 – Find and Update a Google Doc

I have created a Google Doc that is only editable to members of the JCC community. Your challenge is to find a document and add your name to the list.

The name of the document is QUEST #2.

To complete this quest, go to and log in with your JCC credentials. You will know that you are in the right Google Drive when you see My JCC in the upper left corner (1 [see image]).

Type the document name into the search field (2). Click on the drop-down arrow associated with the search field (3). Check the checkbox for Search for files shared with (4). Finally, click on the search button.

quest #2

Double-click on the document to open it. Make your changes, and close the document. With Google docs, you do not need to save them.

When you have completed all tasks, I will send you your Googley badge.

Additional notes

We will be converting all faculty email addresses to the Google-powered email system. It will be the same email system currently used by all students. With it, you can store, sort, and manage all your student and course.

  1.       Your email address is:   (i.e. Your password is the same one you use for Blackboard, the WiFi, or a classroom podium computer.
  2.       To access this JCC email address, log into the JCC Portal at

This will only occur in Blackboard and here is why:

  • Until recently, some adjunct faculty had a JCC email account while others did not. There was no consistency. Since the beginning of the year, all adjunct are assigned the address. We are currently working through this transition.
  • All your student and course email messages will be contained in its own system for easy archiving and retrieval.
  • As you increase your familiarity with the same email system used by students, you will also have immediate access to Google Drive, Docs, and other Google applications.

I understand that not all of you want to access a separate email system. With one simple update, you could have all the email from the Google email system forwarded to your current email account. I will provide you with instructions on how to do that. You can make this change before we make the switch in Blackboard.

Over the next few months, I will remind you of this change. In the meanwhile, here are some steps you can take to make the transition go smoothly:

If you have questions about your email account or how you can use Blackboard to facilitate communication with your students, please contact me.

Stan Skrabut, Ed.D.

Stan is Director of Technology-Enhanced Instruction. He has over 20 years experience working as an instructional technologist and trainer. He has a master’s degree in computing technology in education and a doctorate in education specializing in instructional technology.

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