Key Keyboard Shortcuts for Zoom

Key Keyboard Shortcuts for Zoom

Do you want to increase your efficiency using Zoom? I recommend that you learn a couple of keyboard shortcuts. With a couple of keystrokes under your belt, you can be a Zoom wizard.

Key Zoom Shortcuts

Here are keyboard shortcuts that will help you run your meetings and classrooms more efficiently:

Individual Shortcuts

  • ALT: Turns meeting control toolbar on and off.
  • ALT+V: Start and stop your video.
  • ALT+A: Start and stop your audio.
  • ALT+S: Launch and stop screen sharing.
  • ALT+SHIFT+S: Start and stop a new screen share.
  • ALT+T: Pause and resume screen share.
  • Alt+F: Enter or exit full screen.
  • Alt+H: Show or hide chat panel.
  • Alt+U: Show or hide participants panel.
  • Alt+Y: Raise and lower hand.

Host Shortcuts

  • ALT+R: Start and stop local recording.
  • Alt+I: Open invite window.
  • Alt+M: Mute and unmute audio for everyone except the host.

For a full list of keyboard shortcuts, check out the Available Keyboard Shortcuts list from the Zoom Help Center.

Keyboard shortcuts can help you improve your performance when using Zoom. You do not have to learn all of them at once. Start by picking one or two to use during your next meeting and experiment with them.  Try another shortcut every meeting. In no time, you will be a Zoom wizard.

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