How to Add Someone to Your Blackboard Course

How to Add Someone to Your Blackboard Course

As an instructor, you may have a need to add another faculty member to your Blackboard course shell. You may want to show someone how your courses is structure, you may want to share course materials, or you simply may want them to sit in your course as an observer. There are two ways to add someone to your Blackboard course. You can do it, or you can ask the TEI team to do it for you.

Requesting TEI Team to Provide Access

In order to provide access to a Blackboard course shell, we will need a written request from the owner of the course. Email would suffice. Send the request to a member of the TEI Team, and we will gladly provide access.

Please indicate who should gain access, what role should they be assigned, and which course.

Adding Someone to Your Blackboard Course

Here are the steps for adding an individual to your course and assigning a role (instructor, student, observer).

NOTE: Do not add a student to your course. Wait for the Add/Drop scripts to run, otherwise, problems will develop.

1. Log into Blackboard and open your course.

2. Open the Control Panel on the bottom of the left-hand menu, select Users and Groups, and finally, select Users.

Select Users link.

3. Select Enroll User.

Select Enroll Users


4. Select Find Users to Enroll.

Select Find Users to Enroll

5. Either enter the individual’s Username in the field provided or browser for a user. Also, change Role and Enrollment Availability.

Adding user to course.


6. Finally, click on the Submit button.

Removing Individual From Your Course

In order to remove an individual from your course, you will have to send a note to the TEI Team indicating the name and course. We would be happy to assist.

If you have any questions on how to add someone to your Blackboard course, please contact the TEI Team.

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