Has This Blackboard Course Copy Problem Happened to You?

Has this Blackboard course copy problem happened to you?

Have you ever rolled over your Blackboard course only to find out your students did not have permissions to access your content? We have recently seen a couple of these cases lately, and frankly, they puzzled us. However, we figured out the problem.


Here is the problem as we understand it. If you are linking to a page, resource, or item in your Blackboard course, this will work fine within that particular course. For example, if you create an instruction page that you will reference from a number of assignments, you can simply link to it within your course. The problem occurs when you roll over your course to a new term. The link actually points to the old course. Unfortunately, your students do not have access to the old course, thus your students will see a permission error.

The problem is more confounding because you will have no problems accessing all the content in your course. You are enrolled in both courses. It is actually difficult to find this error, you will need an account that is not enrolled in the older courses.


One solution that seems to solve this problem is to create instructions, content, and other documents using Google Docs. We then recommend linking to the Google Doc. When you roll over your course to a new term, the links should work properly.

If you are interested in building your content in Google Docs and linking it in Blackboard, you can check out this article or ask us for assistance.

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