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How To’s

Semester Start Up-Getting Courses Ready in Blackboard

  • Copy Course from Previous Semester. Here are video directions as well as a Chalk It Up Handout which is a handy guide of what happens to your content once inside of Blackboard.
  • Merging Courses. If you have course sections that you wish to merge into one course, please complete this form.
  • Edit Course list. You may have a list of courses from prior terms that you don’t want to see. You can edit your My Courses list so you can see only the courses for the active semester.   Here are the video instructions.
  • Update Course Dates. These instructions will help you update the dates for assignments, discussions, and other dated assignments.


  • Requesting Announcement on Main Page. If you would like to have an announcement posted on the main Blackboard page, please complete this form.


  • Requesting an Organization/Group. If you would like to use Blackboard as a communication platform where you can share content and messages, feel free to complete this form.
  • Drop Individual from an Organization. As an organization leader, if you wish to have an individual dropped from your organization, we request that you complete this form.



End of Semester Procedures

  • Archive Blackboard Courses:
    Archive is a backup of the entire course, including student grades and student work for the semester it was taught in.  JCC receives copies of the archived courses which are backed up at ITEC in SUNY Buffalo at the end of each semester.  You may want an archive of your Blackboard course to maintain a record of student work that is stored with your computer files for easy retrieval.  Click here for directions.

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