How to Backup Email to Unique Folders in Outlook

How to Backup Email to Unique Folders in Outlook

Have you ever exceeded your Outlook email quota? Here is a strategy I have been using for over 15 years to manage and backup my email.

In this strategy, I set up folders for both my inbox and outbox (sent messages). I create a new set of folders for every 6 month period. For example, I will create an inbox for January to June 2018 and an outbox for January to June 2018.

When I am done processing a message, I will either delete it or move it to the appropriate folder.

One of the greatest benefits of these folders is that they can be saved to external drives.

Steps for Creating Outlook Folders

Here are the steps for creating the folders:

  1. Select the File Tab. Click on the File tab
  2. Click on Accounting SettingsClick on Accounting Settings
  3. Again, click on Account Settings… Again, click on Account Settings…
  4. Select the Data Files tab. Select the Data Files tab
  5. Click the Add button. Click the Add button
  6. Provide a name and click the OK button. NOTE: The naming scheme that I use is Inbox, Jan-Jun 2018 or Outbox, Jan-Jun 2018. Provide a name and click the OK button
  7. Once done with all your additions, click on the Close button.
  8. Right-click on the folder name that you created and click on New folder… Right-click on the folder name that you created and click on New folder...
  9. Provide a name for the folder in the field provided and press the Enter key.

You can now drag messages into this folder and it will be removed from the exchange server.

After you close Outlook, you can navigate to the location of the resulting .PST files and copy them to an external hard drive or burn them to a DVD.

If you have any questions about this procedure, please contact a member of the TEI team.

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