Blogs are Web-based pages for delivering news, opinions, and information. Blogs are written on an ever increasing number of subjects.

Entry to blogs are called posts and are similar to a syndicated news column. A blog typically focuses on one subject and is updated on a regular basis with the most recent post appearing at the top of the page. Depending on how the blog owner sets up the page, posts may appear in isolation or with other posts.

There are many different blogging programs available each with their own features. You can maintain a blog on a public site or host it on your own server. If you host your own blog, you will have more control of features and functionality.

Essential Requirements

Blogs will operate on both a Mac or PC, as well as an iPad or mobile phone.


The only equipment needed is a computer, smart phone, or iPod with a Web browser.


Access to blogs is accomplished through a Web-browser. These are the most common browsers:

  • Internet Explorer
  • FireFox
  • Google Chrome
  • Safari

Common Blogging Applications

Here are common blogging Websites:

Here is a comparison of blogging software.

You can also write blog posts on the iPad with a number of different applications. Here is a list of tools: 7 Amazing Apps To Get You Blogging On The iPad Right Away.

Learning resources information

Key Web links

Guides and Beginner Instructions

Here are a number of great guides to help you better understand blogs and their capabilities.

Blogging Ideas

Here are blog ideas in case you are stuck.


Here are a number of great ideas for using blogs in an education environment.

Miscellaneous Blog Tips

These are tips that did not neatly fit in other places.

Professional Development

Here are some articles to put purpose behind your blogging.

Tips for a Successful Blog

Here are ideas for improving your blogging.

WordPress Tips

Here are tips specific to WordPress.

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